Chemiant Global - About Us

CHEMIANT GLOBAL is a Dubai based petrochemical trading and distribution company mainly active in Middle East, South East Asia, Indian subcontinent, North Africa Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.

Over a decade experience in the region as well as in the industry, we were able to develop innovative and creative solutions to act and implement changes for the clients and market dynamics. That is why we are handling all our logistics to ensure the top notch quality service to our customers.

Having active representations in different markets such as;

  • India,
  • Pakistan,
  • China,
  • Singapore,
  • Thailand,
  • Indonesia,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Bahrain,
  • Kenya,
  • Tanzania,
  • Uganda,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Egypt,
  • Algeria,
  • Tunisia,
  • Turkey,
  • Germany,
  • Poland,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Ukraine
  • and head office in Dubai, U.A.E giving us great access to our clientele and helping us to cater the best service we can.

With our proven past, we strongly believe we will serve our customers with local approach in order for them to go for global.

Chemiant Global Team